Making man fly

Coming someday, the Manithopter Personal Flyer

Welcome to my blog for the Manithopter Human Flight Project. you have gotten here either through,, or from This blog is just my unedited musings and experiments in rough form.  In the fall, we will begin shooting a documentary about the process, experiments and our attempt at a a full scale, strap on your back set of flapping wings; hopefully culminating in successful flights of something never before seen, but dreamt about for eons.  Like the "humanbirdwings" of Jarno Smeets that you may have seen on youtube, only not a hoax; an honest effort bringing all of my and my team's talents to bear. I hope you enjoy some of the work I've been doing in the wee hours, and sometime before the end of the year will be a full site and some regular episode releases in a more polished form.  The thrust of the effort is to make something hopefully interesting of my design process, and to show that technological spinoffs happen naturally whenever we attempt an engineering goal that is widely regarded as impossible.  We may or may not fly, but it is already generating spinoffs, compelling in their own right! I truly believe that there are no longer any limits that need to be observed, and it is now down to applying designs I've done throughout my professional life and long before.   While I may be making noises about how it doesn't matter if I succeed, actually, I fully expect to succeed and nothing less will do!