JPL Invention Challenge, our team going to the finals!

We competed at Manual Arts High School against 54 other teams last Saturday.  Not a great showing compared to all of our practice sessions, sinking one and two off the lip for a score of 110.  Held on to second place through the first 16 or so teams.  Went to lunch at Fillipe's for some amazing French dip sammiches, then came back to find we were out of the trophy race, but found out later that we were going to the finals anyway.  Between the two venues, there were only 6 teams with scores higher than us, but several like us at 110 points.
In practice before our time slot, we hit 8 for 8, then moved to the competition area, which was sloped in two directions!  I do not think that was the killer, though.  Our trigger mechanism, if you can call pulling a loop off of a hook a mechanism, has a bit of sensitivity to technique.  That's something we will fix this weekend for the finals on the 9th of December.
My team is great!  Hats off to the gang and our fearless physics teacher leader, Jarrod Bradley!