Air Motor Prototype Runs Great!


This is a first run of a small 8-cylinder air motor prototype using my new radial piston architecture.  Sorry I can't talk too much about how it works yet.  It is quite simple and can be variable displacement while running, and is inherently balanced.  It will be good as a pump or a motor and is highly scaleable.  It has no connecting rods or crank shafts.
This is nice confirmation of the concept, which I would scale up for use on the Manithopter.  Even though it's a good candidate for wing power when used with a scuba tank and some interesting proportional valving, I've since found some outrunner brushless motors you can hold in your hand that develop 12.5KW (16HP+).  
Electric may be my favorite method right now, but it's nice to have a workable alternative!  A 16HP version of the air motor is not very large, but is an added development I think I don't need in face of an electric off the shelf option.